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We push the boundaries of what contract processors can do

We are always ahead of the pack, the OG's, if you will.

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Since our inception in January of 2020, we have been 100% focused on you, the broker. No other 3rd Party Processing company is as committed to you and your business success as we are. Here is a quick snapshot of all our top hits that led the way through the years 🤘 🤘 🤘

Our Album Releases

The Willow Portal for fast submissions (2020)

Same day turn times for all tasks (2020)

Arive and Lending Pad TPP License (2022)

Delivering a compliance package on every file (2022)

De-branding our outreach and aligning to you (2021)

Teams for registration and disclosing (2022)

Updating milestones and dates in real-time (2022)

Updating LOS notes and docs in real-time (2023)

Our process is standardized across all of our teams. Brokers can submit new loans in less than five minutes and no matter the lender, we measure our turns times to make sure that we are getting your loan disclosed, submitted, and cleared same day.

With Willow, you know what you are going to get

Want the best tech? Then the best tech you shall have

Borrower calling to ask about the status of their loan? Or interested in a refi 6-months down the line? No problem, your LOS is updated 🤯

First, our Willow Portal keeps things streamlined with a quick submission for and automation for our processors 🔥

Next, you can send us your file thru Arive and Lending Pad with a click of a button 🔥

Then, we update your critical dates in real time so you never have to leave you LOS for updates 🔥

After your file funds, our team uploads the compliance package - everything you need for an audit AND updates your LOS to match the lender 🔥


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Lenders show us the love

Willow Processing has a long established relationship with the major lenders in the broker-wholesale channel. If you know a lender, we probably know an Account Executive that will say great things about us 😍

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Correspondent files for UWM

...with exceptional service.

We keep things fresh at Willow. Behind the scenes we focus on building a culture that appeals to the modern workforce, with its perks and positive vibes... your borrowers will notice!

We are a high touch brokerage and our business relies on referrals and our service to customers. We were concerned about the borrower experience using a third party processor. Our customers routinely tell us how much they enjoyed working with their processor at Willow.

- Paula K., Integrity Financial

We provide you with Loan Status Updates to send to your real estate agents - whether it is an official LSU (ex: Arizona), or custom (ex: California).

Let us know you would like and LSU for your purchase loan

Receive an updated copy every Friday

LSU's are complete and ready to forward to your agents

Offer this service to your agents on every loan


We give you weekly Loan Status Updates (LSU's) to forward to your agents

Download an Example

We keep in close communication using Slack

We add our loan officers to our Slack channel so that you can see when we are available, online, and can easily chat with us throughout the day.

Seriously the best experience I have ever had with a processing team. With Slack I can even see when my processors are at their desk.

- Kay M., Close to Home Loans

We send a borrower Submission Video

We go above and beyond to make sure your borrowers are informed with our explainer video.

Helps to explain the process after a loan is submitted to underwriting

Enjoy our sample video by pressing play


We integrate into your broker systems

Using platforms like Salesforce or Active Campaign to track your pipelines? Remove the need to do double entry by allowing our system to update yours when we do things like submit a loan, get clear-to-close, or fund. We have up to 17 customized milestones that we can track and update for you. We're so good at it, it's like you have an internal processing team.

Screen Shot 2021 03 22 at 9.05.22 AM

WillowWhen a milestone is updated in our system...

Screen Shot 2021 03 22 at 9.05.19 AM

Appraisal Paid, CD Signed, etc...

Broker Systems...we send the update to your system as well

Active Campaign



For open platforms like:

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